Welcome to the Marvella Metropolitan District located within the City of Centennial, within Arapahoe County. This site was designed to make it easy for those living in the Marvella Metropolitan District to gain easy access to the Board meeting minutes, District’s Governing Documents, Design Request Form and more. The District is governed by a five member elected Board of Directors. Community Resource Services (CRS) provides management and accounting services.  Landscape maintenance and snow removal services are provided by BrightView Landscape Services.  Any questions that you may have pertaining to these services please e-mail Dennis.Bedford@brightview.com.

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  Marvella Residents,

The Board of Directors of the Marvella Metro District is pleased to announce that it has engaged Community Resource Services (CRS) to provide management, accounting, and community management to the Marvella community.

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  Election - May 2, 2023 - additional information available on the meetings page.    
       2023 Election Election Results    
  Notices of Public Meeting - additional information available on the meetings page.    
       Special Meeting Notice and Agenda- February 10, 2023    
  Colorado Senate Bill 2009-87 Compliance: In 2009 Colorado enacted legislation requiring information about metropolitan and special districts be disclosed and available to District constituents.

     2023 Transparency Notice Notice

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  Pool Opening May 28th    
  Rules for the Pool    
  With the opening of the pool quickly approaching, please read below for pertinent information:    
  **If you have not contacted CRS with your FOB information, please do so prior to midday Friday. FOB issues will not be able to be fixed over the holiday weekend.    
  Rules for the pool:    
   1. Swim at Own Risk – No Lifeguard On Duty
 2. Hours are 9:00 to 9:00. Please be aware that the pool maintenance company cleans first thing in the morning (done by 9:00).
 3. No Running.
 4. No Glass Containers.
 5. No Diving
 6. Tobacco use and/or tobacco products are not allowed in pool area.
 7. District phone should be used for emergencies only.
 8. Children must be supervised.
 9. Only two quest per home allowed per day.  Guest must be
10. Only two guest per home allowed per day. Guest must be accompanied by a resident at all times.
11. Swim proof diapers should be used for those that need them. Proper swimming attire is required
12. No animals in the pool.
13. No food in pool.
14. Be considerate – no yelling or loud noises
15. Clean balls, diving rings/sticks, noodles, goggles, etc are permitted in the pool.
16. No large floating toys.
15. Bicycles, skateboard, roller blades etc. are not allowed in pool area.
16. The District is not responsible for lost or stolen items
17. District phone should be used for emergencies only.
  Marvella Community,

Please see the Rampart Construction Notice from the City of Aurora. The City of Aurora has a very old water line running through the drainage area in the middle of the Marvella community that needs repair. You may have seen that the City has already begun removal of trees on the north east side of the drainage area; the actual repair work will start November 30th. The attached notice was received today from the City.

Questions specific to the project should be relayed to the City in the manner specified in the attachment. Other questions can be sent
to sue.blair@CRSofColorado.com.

Marvella Metropolitan District
       Rampart Construction Notice with Graphic  (November 20, 2020)    
  Waste Management    
       Safety and Bag Your Trash  (Essential Service)    
  Observed Service Holidays    
  New Year’s - Sunday, Jan 1
Memorial Day - Monday, May 29
Independence Day - Tuesday, Jul 4
Labor Day - Monday, Sep 4
Thanksgiving Day - Thursday, Nov 24
Christmas Day - Monday, Dec 25
  *If your service day falls on or after a holiday, your service will be delayed by (1) day. Regular service will resume the following week. Service will not be delayed if the holiday falls on a Sunday.    
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